Drugs Are Fun

from by Trendlaser



This is the version that is included on the ParaDocs album by Trendlaser


Drugs Are Fun
What were you thinking
What were you thinking you were gonna get
No, no, no, no, no it hasn't happened yet
Don't sweat the small stuff
I've heard it time and again, but
It's the little things, baby
That'll do you in
The devil's in the details
What were you looking for
Feeling unsure, insecure
What were you looking for
I only know you were
Looking to score
Do you know what you're looking for
(found it)
Now you found what you were looking for
Somebody says try this
It's the Devil's kiss
Open your mouth
Close your eyes
Feeling butterflies
Oh yeah what a rush
Get crushed
Step on the elevator
Goodbye problems
See you later
Drugs are fun
Drugs are fun
Wanna get me some
Drugs are fun 'til you run out of money
Then you won't think it's so funny
When you're climbing the walls
Feeling sick and your nose is all runny
Drugs are fun 'til you get too dusted
And you do something dumb
And get yourself busted
'cause you let your guard down
Yeah, you let your guard down
Now you're sitting in a cell
With three idiots from hell
Don't think you'll be saying, Oh well
Suspect your dealer is stepping on the product
So you gotta buy more and more and more
Just to get back to where you were before
What a pain to maintain
This chain on your brain
And you get fed up with it
You get so sick of it
You swear you're gonna quit
Yeah, you're gonna quit
Right after this next hit
Then you do that hit
And oh, you're feeling it
Then she whispers in your ear
What's the matter dear
No more worries I'm right here
Remember all the good times we had
I'm not bad--it's everything else
Don't you know I love you so
Don't you know I love you so


from ParaDocs, released May 28, 2017
Words and music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser
Performed by Trendlaser



all rights reserved


Trendlaser Los Angeles, California

Bio-Trendlaser Trendlaser is Trend Laser: vocals, guitar(s), bass, fx, keyboards (incl. Synth, seq, sound loops, programmable sounds) and who knows what--anything he can make a racket with. Influences from The Beatles to Nirvana, Alice in Chains to Pink Floyd. Current favorite is The Brian Jonestown Massacre. (Of course, Trendlaser likes what he does and can hardly wait for you to hear his music. ... more

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