by Trendlaser



"ParaDocs" isTrendlaser's 3rd full album release. Life experiences from Trendlaser's Impressionistic POV a fusion of #AltRock, #PopPunk, and PsychedelicPop


released May 28, 2017

All tracks are original compositions, words and music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser



all rights reserved


Trendlaser Los Angeles, California

Bio-Trendlaser Trendlaser is Trend Laser: vocals, guitar(s), bass, fx, keyboards (incl. Synth, seq, sound loops, programmable sounds) and who knows what--anything he can make a racket with. Influences from The Beatles to Nirvana, Alice in Chains to Pink Floyd. Current favorite is The Brian Jonestown Massacre. (Of course, Trendlaser likes what he does and can hardly wait for you to hear his music. ... more

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Track Name: Pussypop
She reminded me of a girl
Her name was Kitty
We were together
When I lived in the city
And, my God, she was pretty
And more than that
I'm telling you
She was the sweetest girl
I ever knew
I called her Pussypop
Yeah, Pussypop

Pussypop, Pussypop
Pussypop, oh, Pussypop
I loved my little Pussypop
She was my little Pussypop
I loved the way she taste
I'm a sucker for a pretty face
Oh, I loved the way she taste

She wrapped me 'round her finger
What was I to do
She would wrap me 'round her finger
She was the sweetest girl I ever knew
Oh, Pussypop
I remember you


She was the sweetest girl I ever knew
I remember you
Track Name: Uh Oh, I Think I Fell In Love Again
[Funny how things work out sometimes.
Kind of makes you wonder]
I was walking along on a beautiful sunny day
When this girl came up and started walking my same way
And I mean she was talking a blue streak
I thought
What a kook
She was a really cute kook
And I don't know
One thing or another
Next thing you know

Uh oh I think I fell in love again
Uh oh I think I'm in love
Uh oh I think I fell in love again
Uh oh I think I'm in love
And I know--I know
I should stay away
But I can't wait to see her again

[Now I should point out
I've always been somewhat of a kook magnet
Why? I don't know
The bigger question is
Why do I always fall in love with them]

You should know better
You should know better by now
You should know better
Why don't you know better by now

(repeat chorus)

[So I guess it's off on another
roller coaster ride for me
And listen kids
You know I'd tell you
Don't be like me
But if you're like me
You wouldn't listen to me anyway
So... have fun
Track Name: I Wanna Go Go Go
I Wanna Go Go Go
Words and Music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser

Don't like being couped up inside
I've gotta get out of here
I'm tired of being couped up
I gotta get the hell out of here
I'm sick and tired of the TV
And these dumb-shit videos
Retweeted all my tweets
And now the internet blows
So if you're going somewhere
Count me in I wanna Go
I wanna go go go
I wanna go
I've got a carple tunnel
Pain in the neck
Empty beer bottles
Wherever I step
Look at this dump
The place is a wreck
I wanna go
Go go go

I don't even care if
I'm on my way to nowhere
I wanna go
I wanna go
I wanna go go go
I wanna go!

Virtual reality
I'm craving something more
There's a world of reality
Right outside my door
Now here's the deal
Don't want to THINK about it
I wanna DO IT for real

Spontaneous combustible
User friendly
Feeling digital free
I wanna go and conquer
My chronic misery
My chronic misery
I wanna go
Track Name: As Bad As Me
As Bad As Me

Most of our friends
People we know
Are into music
A part of the show
And the music
We like each others
But as with sisters and brothers
We don't always get along
Hard to say who's right
And who's wrong
Can't help favoring some
Most of us think
We're the greatest
Can't wait for you to hear
Our latest
One thing we don't do is
Attack someone
Behind their back, Jack
I could let it go, but I
Want you to know I know
I know you think I'm an arrogant cuss
You'd like to kick me to the back of the bus
I'm not a bad guy
I'm not the incubus
There's no need for all that fuss
Going all over town
Running me down
With all the credibility
Of a circus clown
Consumed with envy and jealousy
Because you know you'll never be
You know you'll never be as good as me
You're working so hard
You try try try
Try to make your music fly
No matter what you do
It just sits there like a bump on a log
And your singing like a howling dog
Doesn't help
So go ahead and yelp
Even in the densest fog
Anyone with an ear can see
You'll never be as good as me
I know this causes you misery
I can't say I'm sorry
I can't say I'm sorry
Because I'm not
Don't bust a gut
Don't blow a fuse
It's not all bad news
You could get a job selling shoes
Or maybe at a factory
Screwing screws
Track Name: Coming On
Coming On lyrics
Words and music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser
Got knocked down on my way up
On my way up I got knocked down
I'm on my way up again
Blazing a trail
Creating a trend
Cooking up a tasty brew
Mixing the tried and true
With something new
Gotta let it cook
While I make a hook
Strong enough to pull you in
I'm gonna pull you in
You better believe it's true
I'm coming for you
Like a train its coming
Its coming on
Like a train its coming
Its coming on
And if you're not too far gone
You can come along
You're either on your way up
Or going down
You get no points for
Standing around
Any attempt to derail me
Is an exercise in futility
Knock me down
I'll get up again
And again and again and again and again
You can be my enemy
Or you can be my friend--
Oh, be my friend
Look at me I'm off the grid
In plain sight is where I hid
Cloak and dagger
And video games
Changing identity
Using different names
I am not a criminal
I delight in the subliminal
You can call me a social climber
Two bit hustling nickel and dimer
But when you hear what I have in store
I'll make you scream
Scream for more
Look at me
I'm a media whore
Just the kind that you adore
So, tell me now
What are you waiting for
What are you waiting for
Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
I'm coming on
I'm coming on
Track Name: You Are Too Too
People, people, people
And their expectations
People, people
And their expectations
From the time you were two
You were too too
T o o
Too short
Too tall
Too big
Too Small
Too thin
Too curvy
Too timid
Too nervy
And you give me the creeps
Cos you're too smart
And you
You're too damn dumb
And you
You're too old
And sorry kid, but
You're too young
And you're too shy
And you're too bitchy
You're too dull
And you're too witchy
Oh, and you're too black
You're too white
You're too dark
You're to light
And oh, you're too flashy
And you're so gray
You're so Lesby
And your too gay
And you're too rich
To be too poor
And you're too frigid
You're too loose
You whore whore
You're too goody two shoes
You're too bad
You're bland too bland
You're too barking mad
Too creepy
Too sleepy
And you're too Asian
And you're too Indian
And you're too this
And you're too that
You're too skinny
And you're too fat
And on and on
Makes you feel like
What am I doing here
It's enough to make you want to go off
Go off into the dark
Into the dark of night
Don't go
Someone will confirm what I'm telling you now
Who you are and what you are
Is just right
Track Name: Drugs Are Fun
Drugs Are Fun
What were you thinking
What were you thinking you were gonna get
No, no, no, no, no it hasn't happened yet
Don't sweat the small stuff
I've heard it time and again, but
It's the little things, baby
That'll do you in
The devil's in the details
What were you looking for
Feeling unsure, insecure
What were you looking for
I only know you were
Looking to score
Do you know what you're looking for
(found it)
Now you found what you were looking for
Somebody says try this
It's the Devil's kiss
Open your mouth
Close your eyes
Feeling butterflies
Oh yeah what a rush
Get crushed
Step on the elevator
Goodbye problems
See you later
Drugs are fun
Drugs are fun
Wanna get me some
Drugs are fun 'til you run out of money
Then you won't think it's so funny
When you're climbing the walls
Feeling sick and your nose is all runny
Drugs are fun 'til you get too dusted
And you do something dumb
And get yourself busted
'cause you let your guard down
Yeah, you let your guard down
Now you're sitting in a cell
With three idiots from hell
Don't think you'll be saying, Oh well
Suspect your dealer is stepping on the product
So you gotta buy more and more and more
Just to get back to where you were before
What a pain to maintain
This chain on your brain
And you get fed up with it
You get so sick of it
You swear you're gonna quit
Yeah, you're gonna quit
Right after this next hit
Then you do that hit
And oh, you're feeling it
Then she whispers in your ear
What's the matter dear
No more worries I'm right here
Remember all the good times we had
I'm not bad--it's everything else
Don't you know I love you so
Don't you know I love you so
Track Name: TheHighRoad
Words and music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser

Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm taking the high road
I'm taking the high road
I'm taking the high road
I'm taking the high road
And I feel so much better
When I'm in control
When I'm in this mode
When I'm taking the high road
I'm taking the high road
Oh, I've been dragged down
Down and dirty in the dirt
Wanting to make someone hurt
Which only leaves me feeling sorry
And angry at myself
I'm taking the high

I feel so much better
When I'm in this mode
When I'm taking the high road
I'm taking the high road
No more knee-jerk reactions from me
Don't wanna be someone
I don't wanna be
I'm taking the high road
I'm taking the high road
Don't always have to have
Something to say
Sometimes it's better to just
To tip my hat
And be on my way
I'm taking the high road...
Track Name: Your Space In Time
Your Space in Time
Words and Music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser

You can run
You can hide
You can sit there satisfied
You can talk until your face turns blue
You can be denied
Til it makes you sick inside
And oozes from your point of view

You can rant
You can rave
You can always misbehave
And toss around your attitude
You can be as cool
As any ordinary fool
It doesn't take much of an aptitude

This is your space in time
This is your space in time
And when its been filled
You can't get back the time you killed

You can love
You can hate
You can destroy or create
You can keep the peace or start a feud
You can lie and cheat
You can even trick or treat
And screw around until you're really screwed

This is your space in time (repeats)