As Bad As Me

from by Trendlaser



don't take it too seriously.


As Bad As Me

Most of our friends
People we know
Are into music
A part of the show
And the music
We like each others
But as with sisters and brothers
We don't always get along
Hard to say who's right
And who's wrong
Can't help favoring some
Most of us think
We're the greatest
Can't wait for you to hear
Our latest
One thing we don't do is
Attack someone
Behind their back, Jack
I could let it go, but I
Want you to know I know
I know you think I'm an arrogant cuss
You'd like to kick me to the back of the bus
I'm not a bad guy
I'm not the incubus
There's no need for all that fuss
Going all over town
Running me down
With all the credibility
Of a circus clown
Consumed with envy and jealousy
Because you know you'll never be
You know you'll never be as good as me
You're working so hard
You try try try
Try to make your music fly
No matter what you do
It just sits there like a bump on a log
And your singing like a howling dog
Doesn't help
So go ahead and yelp
Even in the densest fog
Anyone with an ear can see
You'll never be as good as me
I know this causes you misery
I can't say I'm sorry
I can't say I'm sorry
Because I'm not
Don't bust a gut
Don't blow a fuse
It's not all bad news
You could get a job selling shoes
Or maybe at a factory
Screwing screws


from ParaDocs, released May 28, 2017
words and music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser



all rights reserved


Trendlaser Los Angeles, California

Bio-Trendlaser Trendlaser is Trend Laser: vocals, guitar(s), bass, fx, keyboards (incl. Synth, seq, sound loops, programmable sounds) and who knows what--anything he can make a racket with. Influences from The Beatles to Nirvana, Alice in Chains to Pink Floyd. Current favorite is The Brian Jonestown Massacre. (Of course, Trendlaser likes what he does and can hardly wait for you to hear his music. ... more

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