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All I can say about this song is that it is my favorite song right now and it is based on a real person who meant a lot to me. Kind of chokes me up and reminds me I still have feelings--when there are times I wonder if I've become numb. Just going through the motions. It was never like that with this girl, but, being young and dumb, I didn't fully appreciate what I had.


She reminded me of a girl
Her name was Kitty
We were together
When I lived in the city
And, my God, she was pretty
And more than that
I'm telling you
She was the sweetest girl
I ever knew
I called her Pussypop
Yeah, Pussypop

Pussypop, Pussypop
Pussypop, oh, Pussypop
I loved my little Pussypop
She was my little Pussypop
I loved the way she taste
I'm a sucker for a pretty face
Oh, I loved the way she taste

She wrapped me 'round her finger
What was I to do
She would wrap me 'round her finger
She was the sweetest girl I ever knew
Oh, Pussypop
I remember you


She was the sweetest girl I ever knew
I remember you


from ParaDocs, released May 28, 2017
Words and music by Danny Bulla/Trendlaser



all rights reserved


Trendlaser Los Angeles, California

Bio-Trendlaser Trendlaser is Trend Laser: vocals, guitar(s), bass, fx, keyboards (incl. Synth, seq, sound loops, programmable sounds) and who knows what--anything he can make a racket with. Influences from The Beatles to Nirvana, Alice in Chains to Pink Floyd. Current favorite is The Brian Jonestown Massacre. (Of course, Trendlaser likes what he does and can hardly wait for you to hear his music. ... more

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